This is a concept logo for the naming of Universal Orlando's advertising creative group. Popcorn was the name ultimately selected after much debate. I knew instantly that I was going to take this down a popart ally. I felt the boldness of the history of popart, going against the grain, taking a stand for something fit perfectly into the rebranding we were trying to do. 

Deciding I wanted to take my photography to the next level meant that I needed a logo of my own. All the pieces came together pretty organically. I knew that I wanted a logo that was self contained, I wanted to be able to easy watermark images. I also new that I needed a mark that stood alone and quickly told you what I did. I was doodling simple camera icons and realized that if i stripped away part of the circle for the lense I created a c. The hello is something I used for my business card as a quick attention getter and is something i have carried through into other places. I wanted a color palette that was slightly feminine without being over the top. I'm please with how all the elements came together.

I was tasked with creating a brand for a hair stylist going out on her own. Again wanting a strong mark I quickly realized that the v could fit perfectly inside of the letter m. This was actually the very first thing I sketched when working on this project. I did many different ways of combining a v and an m, but ultimately came back to this simple execution as the strongest.

Yarn'd & Dangerous is an etsy store that needed an identity. I wanted a mark that on its own told you this has something to do with yarn. Placing the needles in a way that created a y lead perfectly into my logo. The color palette is bold yet feminine in nature.